Sunday, 23 June 2013

doubts in life

hi everyone..

I really want to know what life is. in that case, please don't ask me to sit like Buddha and meditate.  I am really confused with life. so does it means, confusion and chaos means life. cant life be happy and serene..
does god really listen our prayers and see us and comfort us.. or the epics are just bedtime stories...

can one clarify logically..


  1. You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of...... You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life....
    Life is a song - sing it.
    Life is a game - play it.
    Life is a challenge - meet it.
    Life is a dream - realize it.
    Life is a sacrifice - offer it.
    Life is love - enjoy it.

  2. Life according to me is something that we have to live out honorably. I myself have not done a good job of this. I am a boldface liar, but that does not stop the fact that life is important to me. Life is my chance to protect who I love most and make sure that nothing happens to the people I care for. Life is definable, but not by me. I believe that life is just the start to something bigger, and when we die of natural causes or causes we cannot control our real journey begins. Life is a stepping stone, but everysingle move and act that we take part in counts. Everything we do in life defines us, and who we will be, and finally how we will be remembered....

  3. To me, life is how you choose to see it, its about perspective. Obviously there are different ways to live out life, depending on what you want to achieve, what your values are, beliefs, and perhaps the realities you are able to see -for what they really are. Life is about making it worthwhile for the rest of the people in it, whether or not you know them, because everyone is just in a different reality to you, but in essence, majority of people want the same thing- peace. So live it out best as you can, to save and conserve the earth, making sure you are living it to enjoy it but never take advantage of what's not yours- remember only your body belongs to you. In this space and body you in- you only have until its done, to remember what you loved, and knowing you went about making it so wonderful the right way, so people who surpass you, can be grateful they had the same chances as you did to be happy too.